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New study: walk in nature to reduce stress.

A one-hour walk in (urban) nature can reduce stress levels and protect mental health. 🌳🧠

When I read the title and summary of this article I wondered if the authors compared urban VS rural or natural areas. Turns out the whole study was done in a urban setting comparing stress levels after i) a walk in a busy Berlin street with ii) after a walk in a urban forest in the same city.

That means: urban nature has the same stress-reducing effects!

That spending time in nature helps one's mental health is already known from several studies, and of course, by one's experience after a walk in the woods or in a urban park. But a new study showed for the first time a causal link between exposure to nature and a reduction of stress-related brain activity.

And a one-hour walk in urban nature is enough. I was glad to read this, since this is the usual duration of the Wild Breaks - a work break in urban nature - I organize through Wild Eindhoven.

This should also be an incentive for business campuses, office locations, universities, and others to invest in proper natural areas in their locations or nearby. Follow the examples of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, and many others!

So, if you are feeling the pressure...go take a walk in the park! (Or get in touch. I would be glad to organize it for you.)


🌳 Wild Eindhoven - take a break and discover nature in your city! 🌳


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