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Discover Nature & Wildlife with Nuno Curado - Wild Eindhoven

Hi! I’m Nuno Curado.

I am a wildlife ecologist and nature enthusiast

The last 12 years I have been working with wildlife and people, in different organizations and in my own businesses.
Explore wildlife with Nuno Curado

I started out in the deep countryside,
then became fascinated by urban wildlife

In my early career, I worked towards the protection of endangered wildlife – lynxes, vultures, and eagles - and the places they live in. This entailed countless hours engaging with landowners, farmers, and other stakeholders.


However, I became increasingly captivated by the wildlife that lives in our cities. How do wild animals and plants live in urban areas? How do we, humans, benefit from it? How can we make our cities better for people and nature?

Discover nature in the city with Nuno Curado - Wild Eindhoven

My dedication to urban wildlife

– for nature and people

Still in Portugal, I created my own business: I organized workshops about urban biodiversity and provided advice on the ecological management of urban areas. I organized birdwatching sessions in city parks and co-created a children’s environmental education program.


And most of all, I love exploring city parks, river banks, even walls and buildings in search of wildlife.

With Wild Eindhoven, I want to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about urban wildlife, so that everyone can take a break from their busy life and connect with nature even in a city.
Happiness in nature - Wild Eindhoven
Urban Wildlife in Eindhoven - Wild Eindhoven
Outdoor events with Nuno Curado - Wild Eindhoven
Activities in nature with Nuno Curado - Wild Eindhoven
Nuno Curado - experienced wildlife ecologist - Wild Einhoven
Group events in nature with Nuno Curado - Wild Eindhoven

Let’s discover nature in your city!

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