Wild Breaks - improve your team's well-being at work

Wild Breaks

For companies and organizations

A work break in urban nature, to improve your team’s well-being at work

Pause the work from home routine

Our work pace can sometimes be relentless...

We spend way too much time inside behind a screen.


We skip breaks and mess-up our routines.

And when we do take a break... we end up talking about work with our colleagues or thinking about it anyway.

Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to switch off and reload.
What better way than doing it with nature?

I can help your company give your team the right break they deserve! A Wild Break.

Wild Breaks are just like a mini-safari in the urban environment: short and concise work breaks exploring wildlife around the (home) office.


You set out discovering the wild animals and plants that go unnoticed in the city with me, Nuno, an experienced and enthusiastic wildlife ecologist!

Photo for the website of Nuno Curado_Wil

Wild Breaks will help to slow-down and really disconnect, regaining the energy to perform better.
That’s because they are:

Escape the online meetings


Escape the virtual get-togethers and online meetings. Give your eyes a rest from so much screen-time

Wild Breaks are different every month

Different every month

Nature changes with each season and there is always something new to discover. We will explore something different every time.

Take your team outdoors


A chance to leave the office and get our body moving. Also, the safest meeting place during COVID times.

Wild breaks are without hassle

Without hassle

No preparation, material, or company room needed. Just come meet me outside!

Nature improves work productivity

In nature

Moving our focus to find wildlife gets our mind off work and provides a much needed break from our routines. 

Work breaks in nature based on yout time.

Based on your time

Wild Breaks can happen in different times of the day (morning, lunch-time or end of the day), in accordance to a working day’s rhythm.

Your Wild Breaks can also take place in any of the many city parks in Eindhoven and surroundings. Useful if your team is working from home.
Each group during a Wild Break can be up to 10 persons.
Private 1-1 Wild Breaks are also possible.


“My nature walk with Nuno was absolutely brilliant. From my vibrant workplace we dove into nature and the minute we were there I was calm and relaxed. Nuno takes time to show you what nature (in our city) has to offer and when you’re lucky you can see every detail through his telescope. It was inspiring, thanks again Nuno and keep up the good work!”

Jacklien Quirijnen – Facet | Oaq Sustainability

“Nuno is the best guide ever, who finds animals where you see nothing, and explains you a lot about them. And he even brought a cup of coffee for us!”

Erik Roebroek – Meaningful Work

Give your team a break from their work routines. In nature.

Let’s talk about the best Wild Break plan for your team.