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Wild Breaks on the ASML Campus!

The Wild Breaks have started in the ASML Campus in Veldhoven!

The first edition took place in early April, to a crowded audience, in spite of the wind and the dark clouds looming above us.

We heard blue tits and chaffinches, discovered magpies building their nests, talked about nest boxes and the birds who use them.

Even a colourful goldfinch showed up to bring more joy to our day!

Thank you to all who joined! And also to Hilke van der Wallen and to the Green ASML community for the invitation.

Every month from now ASML staff can take a Wild Break: an opportunity to switch off for a while and focus on wildlife.

Nuno is already looking forward to the next editions!

🌳 Wild Eindhoven - take a break and discover nature in your city!


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