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Walk in nature and discover urban wildlife with Wild Eindhoven

Weekend Nature Walks

For yourself, for families, for groups of friends

Discover the wildlife around you.
Connect with nature, even in the city.

Are you tired of being at home?
Craving for some time in nature?
Curious about the wildlife around you?

Every month, Wild Eindhoven organizes a new event,
on weekends, exploring the nature and wildlife
of the city and its surroundings.

  • Outside and Offline
  • In small groups
  • Guided by an experienced and enthusiastic wildlife ecologist
  • Regardless of your knowledge or skills

Wild Eindhoven can also organize private walks

I will create a personalized nature walk or workshop, for you or your group!

If you want to learn about wildlife or explore nature in a particular area, feel free to contact Wild Eindhoven.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Nature Walks


“From various mushrooms to red squirrels and seasonal birds, we learned a lot on the spot thanks to Nuno who is knowledgeable but also approachable and kind. I really recommend these walks: they allow you to become aware of the surrounding wildlife when walking, even in the city.”

Valérie Bilhaud

“If you're curious about nature, then this walk is for you! Nuno is very knowledgeable and opened my eyes on how much is going on around us, whether we look at the flora or the fauna.”

Roxanne Cacpal

“I had the opportunity to take a walk with Nuno and if you have the same opportunity, take it! Nuno has a lot of knowledge about nature and he loves to share it with you.”

Arriën van Schaik

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