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Outdoor Workshop at the TU/e

Last week Wild Eindhoven took several students of Tu/e - Eindhoven University of Technology on a Campus Wildlife Safari! An outdoor workshop co-organized with Studium Generale of the TU/e to inspire everyone to discover and connect with nature in our daily lives.

It took place during the TU/e Green Week, five days full of sustainability-related activities and events.

The workshop kicked-off to a good start when we found a Great Spotted Woodpeckers's nest... with a juvenile inside! And a very noisy one, constantly screaming for food. We even had the chance to watch the father collect and bring him food several times. It was an exciting moment for everyone.

We got close to the ground and found many insects on a meadow patch (left unmowed, yes!), heard different bird songs at the day came to an end, and had very interesting conversations about wildlife in the city.

The curiosity and motivation of the students present was amazing! Thanks to Studium Generale of TU/e for the invitation and colaboration!

Would you like to organize an outdoor workshop with your team, in your company or organization? Let me know. :)

🌳 Wild Eindhoven - take a break and discover nature in your city!


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