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Taking Wild Breaks to Weert.

Wild Eindhoven went to Weert for a post-meeting Wild Break with the sustainability team of Moonen Packaging!

Even though we started in an industrial area, the roads still had some unmowed margins which were full with colourful wild flowers. The butterflies, bumblebees and other insects flying there were a clear sign that roadsides with natural vegetation left to grow this time of the year are much better for biodiversity.

We walked to the nearby Boshoeverheide, an area with a mix of forest and heathland, where we saw the importance of open sandy areas to wild bees. And here we took the time to stop and focus on the bird sounds around us.

There was still time along the way to discuss the consequences of the nitrogen problem in the country, and also rewilding as a possible path for renaturalization.

So, although 'Eindhoven' is in the name, Wild Eindhoven can go pretty much everywhere! If you would you like a work break in nature with your team, just let me know.

🌳 Wild Eindhoven - take a break and discover nature in your city!


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