Outdoor team events in nature with Wild Eindhoven


Discover nature in your city!

Take a real break, outside and offline with Wild Eindhoven

Take a break -
Outside and Offline

Time in nature reduces stress and anxiety. It boosts creativity and focus, improves productivity and increases overall well-being.
Move your focus from work to wildlife with Wild Eindhoven

Move your focus from

work to wildlife

Focusing on urban wildlife is a great way to switch off and gain the brain-space we desperately need.
Explore the natural world with Wild Eindhoven

Explore the natural world at your doorstep

See the city with new eyes and be surprised with the wild animals and plants that live around us.

This is how
Wild Eindhoven
can help:


Wild Breaks

- for companies and organizations

Give your team the break they deserve – A Wild Break!

Wild Breaks are short work breaks in nature, exploring wildlife around your office, with an engaging wildlife ecologist.

Your team will go outside, experience nature and return refreshed back to work!

Weekend Nature Walks

- for you, living in Eindhoven

Wild Eindhoven also organizes weekend nature walks, discovering nature in the city and its surroundings. Every month a new event in, or around, Eindhoven. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their knowledge or skills.

Come explore wildlife in Eindhoven. Connect with nature, even in your city.

Weekend Walks in Nature - Wild Eindhoven
Nuno Curado is an experienced wildlife ecologist

I’m Nuno, the founder of Wild Eindhoven.

​I am an ecologist, fascinated with urban wildlife.

I know it is possible to discover wild animals and plants everywhere in our cities, even during our daily life.

I realized that exploring urban nature was a fantastic way to let go of my worries and stresses; to relax and energize.

That’s why I started Wild Eindhoven!


“Walking and exploring the Eindhoven city with Nuno was very nice, informative and relaxing! It's impressive learning to listen and observe wildlife inside a busy city.”

Claudia Dias

“The walk was Nuno was a unique and pleasant experience. It brought me a bit closer to the nature around me and to pay attention to all the living creatures. To take a break and admire the beauty of nature. Really thankful for the experience.”

Dilip Kumar