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Morning nature with Signify

Kick-off your day in nature!

That's just what Signify's (former Philips Lighting) Sustainability team did!

Before their indoor meeting dedicated to biodiversity, we went outside for an inspirational Wild Walk. 🌿

We set out looking for wildlife around us, from birds to insects, and the team was given different biodiversity challenges - including how to discover animals even when we can't see them! 🪶🪺

Even if unnoticed, or still undiscovered, every species on the planet has its own importance and a role to play in the very intricate web of life.

It was a pleasure meeting the team, taking you all into urban nature, and learning more about Signify's approach to sustainability.

If anyone reading this is also interested in a Biodiversity Inspiration Session or a in Wild Break to jump-start your day, get in touch!

🌳 Wild Eindhoven - take a break and discover nature in your city! 🌳


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