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  • Winnie YAO

Walking in nature, a needed break

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Earlier this month I (Nuno) offered short 1-1 urban nature walks to whoever was interested, searching for wildlife in Eindhoven's city parks.

I needed it after what it felt a very long winter, mostly spent indoors. I wanted to make myself spend more time outside and meet people (in a safe and distanced way).

And several people eagerly said Yes!

Virtually all of them had the same struggle - making themselves leave the house and do something outdoors. It is a very common struggle these days, with all this working-from-home and with no events taking place.

Walking among (urban) nature and focusing on wildlife gets our mind off work and provides a much needed break from our mostly-at-home-routines.

As soon as regulations allow it Wild Eindhoven is ready to help companies get their teams back together, outside and offline again. A perfect way to revive team spirit, while exploring wildlife in the city!

🌳 Wild Eindhoven - discover #nature in the #city! 🌳


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