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It's time to meet again!

Earlier this year, in February, I created a short inquiry about the struggles of long-term working from home.

- A whooping 83% of respondents said they missed in-person interaction with their colleagues!

- In addition, 67% found it more difficult to disconnect from work and also even to go outside while working from home.

And this was four months ago, I can imagine now!

All of these are excellent reasons to get together again outside and into nature! With society re-opening in the Netherlands, group activities are already allowed.

Want an helping hand getting your company team outside and offline? Want to offer them a proper break, going on a mini-safari in the urban environment?

Do let me know, and I will arrange that!

🌳 Wild Eindhoven - discover #nature in the #city!

P.S: Half of the respondents stated that their companies didn't provided any kind of support during this period... You don't want to be that company, do you? ;)


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